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New Release

November 25

I’m excited to announce a new release ‘The Fallout Dance’ coming December 1, 2019. The Fallout Dance is an upbeat love story juxtaposed against the impending apocalypse.


October 17

Excited to return to Chip n Charlie’s in beautiful Niagar Falls, Canada. I will be pulling double duty opening for Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers along with our great friend Evan Rotella. Showtime. 8pm.

End of Summer Count Down

August 18

It’s been another great summer for the Houserockers.  We found ourselves playing our favorite places in NYC, Philly, DC, PA and Jersey.  Some great shows still coming up this fall.

September 28th we’re back in Jersey playing in Freehold to help celebrate the legacy of our good friend, Bruce Springsteen. Details TBA

We’re looking forward to our first City Winery show in Philadelphia on October 5th.  

I’ve been working on a follow up to the Despair of Summer.  Things have slowed down because my dear friend, producer, keyboardist and vocalist Joe Munroe has been busy with Ghost Hounds.  They opened for the Stones in DC on July 3rd, played a few dates in Austin and will be going out on tour to support ZZ Top in the Fall.

Violinist Stephen Weiss has been touring Europe.  Dave Molter is preparing his first solo release Mid-Century Man and Mark Pollera is busy with Dan Bubian and the Delta Struts.

I’m thankful to have such a widely talented band behind me.  These guys are the best.

I’ll be opening for Bill Toms and Hard Rain on October 25th at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh.  Stephen Weiss and I will be doing a set of some new material and a few off of Despair of Summer.  

Bill and I go way back.  I replaced him as lead guitarist for the Houserockers in 2006 when he left to pursue what has become an amazing solo career.  I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with him again.  

Thanks for checking my page out and I’ll see you down the road.






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The brand new album from Danny Gochnour is available now! 

2 years in the making, The Despair of Summer is here. Danny's first solo project is an amazing piece of work.

Whether you are a fan of the Houserockers or just a music fan looking for some great rock and roll with inspiring lyrics, this is the album for you.


 Check out the great review below from our friend, Mr. Gord Hunter.

"The first time I saw Danny play I was sitting in the next to last row of the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. I had a full glass of whisky in my hand and I was ready to judge him harshly. I’d been a fan of the Houserockers since 1995 and I knew almost every song note-for-note. As he launched into that first solo, I distinctly remember thinking that he was walking out onto a tightrope the width of an E string. One of the toughest things in music is to come into an established band, create your own space and to do it within the parameters of songs that so many have come to know and love. Danny did exactly that and he did it with soul, with respect and with just the right amount of, well….Danny. When he finally finished, I noticed my glass was empty; always a good sign.

10 years later, I consider Danny a great friend.  He still plays with soul, respect and a signature sound that I’ve come to truly appreciate. You’ll hear it on this record and I’m guessing, if you’ve heard Danny play before, that won’t surprise you. What might surprise you are the intricate and hook-laden melodies laced with insightful lyrics that shift effortlessly between heartache and humor. In between you’ll hear that ever-present guitar paying tribute with subtle nods to blues, jazz and flat out rock and roll. 

If I think back now to those first few notes that I heard Danny play, it’s easy to compare that moment to this record. Once again, he’s stepped out onto that E String tightrope and from the ironic finger-picking folk of The American Dream to the jukebox-rockin’ antics of Crazy Linda J, he’s nailed it. I was going to conclude by saying that I hope you enjoy The Despair of Summer but to be honest, I know you will. Now go pour yourself a Jameson’s, put it on, turn it up and take a walk out onto that wire with my buddy Danny. He’ll take you from one side to the other with a smile on your face and an empty glass."

Gord Hunter – May 2018


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